Why should I contribute?

All LPAs and citizens of North Carolina will benefit from this rule change. LPAs will have independence such that they may practice within the scope of their expertise in any capacity they choose. They will not be constrained by costs associated with supervision fees, nor will they be prevented from being credentialed as providers by insurance panels due to a restricted license. LPAs will be able to volunteer services with organizations such as the Red Cross and other service agencies that currently prohibit such work due to the restricted license. Citizens underserved in rural and non-urban areas will have greater access to psychologists. This action benefits psychology by creating opportunities and contributing to the field. As we all benefit, we all should do our part as best we can. LPAs will also be able to finally be eligible to gain access to eight of the 10 major insurance carriers in NC who deny LPAs because of the “restricted” licensure status that they hold.

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