How much are the legal fees?

Ed Gaskins of Everett Gaskins Hancock LLP has been a pillar of support from the inception of this effort. The legal team behind this petition recognizes the inequity and unfairness of career-long supervision, as well as the potential benefit to those seeking mental health services from psychologists across the state when LPAs are no longer restricted by license. As such, they have been generous with granting some latitude on paying the fees associated with this effort, with the understanding that all the fees will be paid and the team is doing their best to generate the support of other LPAs and interested persons through donations and membership fees. It is essential that everyone contribute as much as they can. Thus far, a small percentage of LPAs and LPs have borne the burden of the costs associated that will benefit all current and future psychologists. There are over 900 LPAs in North Carolina. If even half of those LPAs contributed $100, the legal fees would be met for the next year at least. Please donate and encourage others to do so also.

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