NCPB Public Hearing News

9.27.19 Greensboro

Pictured above is Tara Luellen, Janet Heuring-Larsen, Roslyn Walker, Carol Williams, Mary Ann Olsen, Melissa Zhiss, and Pam Corbett, who, among others, were in Greensboro, NC today (9-27-19) for the NC Psychology Board public hearing regarding the proposed rule changes - one of which is to end career-long supervision of LPAs.

It was a GREAT day for LPAs! Thank  you to our colleagues who spoke in support of this rule change.

It was also great to meet the newest member of the NCPB - Tonya Omar, M.A., and chat with the other Board members who were present. Thank you NCPB members for taking up this issue and supporting this rule change!

We enjoyed a nice brunch following the meeting, where we had the pleasure of conversing and brainstorming with LPAs from different parts of NC (shout out to Charlotte!), and came up with some great ideas for the coming months. Look for details in upcoming emails.

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