NCAPP update

Spring is here, and LPAs are springing forward like never before! Since our legal team presented our petition to the North Carolina Psychology Board (NCPB) this past November, we have had very productive conversations with the NCPB. We are highly optimistic about changes set forth to be reviewed at the upcoming NCPB meeting in May of 2019. The NCPB has openly expressed their support of our rules changes and their appreciation of the vast data and research provided in support of LPA independence by the petitioners, led by our award-winning attorney with 30+ years of experience, Ed Gaskins, Esq.

NCAPP's leadership and petitioners continue to operate under the direction of our legal team and are planning to attend the NCPB's May meeting; we will be bringing you timely updates afterward, too. In the meantime, we are still in great need of financial support in the form of donations to help cover our hefty legal costs associated with this endeavor. Our legal team is still fighting on behalf of all LPAs to end the expensive, unnecessary, and restrictive career-long supervision requirement. Please consider donating between $50 to $100, or even more if you are able and feel so led, to cover the legal costs associated in helping us to succeed. 100% of the money you donate will be put directly toward our legal expenses.

You may ask: why is this so important? Over the course of a career, supervision costs the average LPA in North Carolina $60,000 in paid fees to supervisors and an additional $60,000 in lost time that could have be spent providing clinical services to clients. Additionally, independence will not only level the playing field between LPAs and other master's level clinicians, but it will also allow for greater access to third party reimbursement through insurance panels! No longer will LPAs be restricted from private practice – whether fulltime, secondary employment or volunteer work.

Please donate today by mailing NCAPP a check or donating through PayPal on this website:


P.O. Box 416

Butner, NC 27509


We also would like to announce our latest addition to NCAPP leadership, Laura Quinn, LPA, as NCAPP Board Treasurer, and Licia Rogers, LPA, and Joe Bunch, LPA, as Board Members. We are delighted to have their dedication and enthusiasm toward advocating for all LPAs in NC.  NCAPP is also seeking additional volunteers, Board members, committee leaders and volunteers. Current committee needs include: NCAPP membership, fundraising, social media and website presence, event planning, and communications. If you have an interest in joining a committee, nominating yourself or someone else to the NCAPP Board, and/or becoming an NCAPP member, please contact us by this email or register at:

Lastly, please join us for an NCAPP educational webinar with time for questions and answers. This will be scheduled for Sunday, April 14, 2019 from 1:00-2:00PM EST. More information will be coming soon about this webinar, so please be on the lookout for further communications from us!

Thank you for your support!

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