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Greetings colleagues,

As we jump in to 2019, we at NCAPP would like to provide you with a quick update on our progress. NCAPP board members, the petitioners, and the legal team continue to engage in very productive exchanges with the NC Psychology Board (NCPB) regarding the petition and what a rule change may involve. We are encouraged that at the NCPB public meeting in December, the majority of the board members openly voiced their support of this petition. Our team has also reached out to the NCPA in an effort to collaborate on positive resolutions. Our legal team has advised us that we have a solid foundation and strategy to be confident in our position and a positive resolution to our petition to end career-long supervision.

We are in the process of forming committees to further the agenda of NCAPP, which includes support for the petition to end career-long supervision, support for LPA practioners, and increasing the availability of services to our communities. Committees include those with a focus on increasing NCAPP membership, fundraising, working on social media and website presence, events planning, and communications. If you have interest in joining a committee, nominating someone to the NCAPP board, or becoming a board member, please contact us by email at or register at:

Additionally, Betty Dawson, MA, LPA-IP, Secretary of the Texas Association of Psychological Associates has recently contacted the NCAPP about a revised interest in a nationwide coalition of master’s level practioners. There is a website with more information on this effort at:

Finally, we the petitioners and the NCAPP board wish to thank you for your continued support. As previously mentioned, the costs associated with the effort to end career-long supervision are substantial and your contributions are still very much needed. Please consider donating to this cause to benefit LPAs and the increase in services to the citizenry of North Carolina. Mail your check or money order (no fees!) to the address below or click on the paypal link

Best regards,

Janet Heuring, NCAPP President
Carol E. Williams, NCAPP Vice-President
Tara Luellen, NCAPP Secretary
Les Brinson, Board Member
Jack Clement, Board Member
Pam Corbett, Board Consultant
Flora Dunbar, Board Consultant


P.O. Box 416
Butner, NC 27509

Welcome 2019!

Dear Colleagues,

As 2018 winds to a close and we assess the year, it is clear we have much to be thankful for. We made great progress this year in ending career-long supervision of LPAs and generating support for this effort. Janet Heuring, Carol Williams, and Tara Luellen as a team, have been working on the research and plan for this effort for a little more than three years, with consultation from those who were instrumental in the previous efforts (e.g. Flora Dunbar and Pam Corbett). It has taken great effort and hundreds upon hundreds of hours to prepare for this petition, which the team has committed to voluntarily as a matter of the importance of the issue and the benefit for LPAs and citizens of NC. The petitioners and NCAPP board members continue to work on a volunteer basis. All funds contributed are going toward the legal fees necessary to end career-long supervision of LPAs, 100%.

Despite our data, we knew we would require legal representation and conducted the research to identify the legal team who best fit our needs. We officially hired the law firm of Everett Gaskins Hancock LLP ( following our first meeting with them on March 21, 2018. We chose this team based on their legacy of practice in NC and the more than 25 years of experience Ed Gaskins and Gerry Hancock share, along with their record of success in the area inclusive of our petition. Their legal perspective and expertise have paved the road to the success upon which we all are traveling. Any legal challenge of this magnitude conducted by a world-class team of lawyers is expensive, and we are grateful for their understanding and flexibility with regard to paying the fees, but more-so, for their vigorous support of us as LPAs and practioners of a much-needed service, and of this petition.

In November, the petitioners appeared before the NC Psychology Board, providing a brief preview of the strength behind our effort. Janet Heuring, Flora Dunbar, Dr. Goldman, and Ed Gaskins spoke eloquently and succinctly, and answered questions from the Board. We view that meeting as a great success as members of the Board publicly stated their support of our petition to end career-long supervision of LPAs. We have much to be optimistic about for the coming year and we will need your continued support. Our successes also include NCAPP growth, with 53 new paid members since 9/04/2018, and 56 donations since 9/04/2018, with a few being exceptionally generous. There are roughly 1200 LPAs in NC, so we have just scratched the surface with regard to building support, memberships, and donations. Please consider joining NCAPP, donating toward the “Freedom Fund”, and encourage your colleagues to do likewise.

As we transition into the new year, we are looking forward to the end of career-long supervision. This comes with a huge price tag, but also, the freedom to provide services independently and the expansion of mental health services across the state. We need an LPA coalition to bring about this goal. Please visit NCAPP.ORG often for updates. While you're here, please consider becoming a member and to donating.




Janet Heuring, NCAPP President
Carol E. Williams, NCAPP Vice-President
Tara Luellen, NCAPP Secretary
Pam Corbett, Treasurer

Les Brinson, Board member
Jack Clement, Board member
Flora Dunbar, Board member
Connie Philbeck, Board member
Karen Stewart, Board member
Henry Tonn, Board member

P.O. Box 416
Butner, NC 27509

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