Why wasn’t I asked to sign/submit the petition?

The legal team recommended that a small group of petitioners, no more than five or six, work to draft and sign the petition. Official affidavits needed to be drafted and notarized for each petitioner, and the affidavit was included in the petition, which the legal team knew could eventually become a document for court review should legal action be needed. Dr. Goldman, Dr. Brinson, Mrs. Heuring Larsen, Ms. Williams, Ms. Luellen, and Ms. Dunbar followed the directions of the legal team very carefully and kept the petition within their small group until it was ready to be submitted to the North Carolina Psychology Board. Another reason the petition was not made public knowledge upfront to include other interested LPAs, was that the legal fees and time to do so would be extraordinary and cost-prohibitive. Because the six petitioners cover a broad spectrum of practice, experience, and levels within the discipline, the legal team felt the six petitioners would be an excellent sample to represent the matter of ending career-long supervision.

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