What are the organizations involved and what’s the difference (all these acronyms)?

NCAPP – North Carolina Association of Professional Psychologists
Non-profit agency advocating for psychologists in North Carolina – in particular, master’s level practitioners. NCAPP’s focus has been removing community barriers to psychological services in NC by advocating for master’s level psychologists to practice independently by creating a path to unrestricted licensure and, as a result, eligibility to contract with major insurance companies in NC.
NCPA – North Carolina Psychological Association
Non-profit agency representing psychologists in North Carolina.

NCPA has requested that the petitioners withdraw the petition and not pursue LPA independence at this time. The NCPA is questioning the quality of education and EPPP scores/passage rates of LPAs and does not believe that LPA independence should be pursued before the APA determines measures and national standards. The NCPA has sought legal counsel to oppose our current petition seeking immediate LPA independence before the NCPB

APA – American Psychological Association
Non-profit national agency representing psychologists. The APA continues to hold firm that the minimum level of education necessary to practice psychology is the doctorate. While they are currently looking into the possibility of accreditation for master’s psychology programs, preliminary reports indicate that master’s level practioners will be limited in scope of practice (e.g. behavior specialists).
NCPB - North Carolina Psychology Board
State agency directed to carry out provisions of the North Carolina Psychology Practice Act. In 2019 the NCPB submitted proposal for rules changes to the NC Rules Review Commission, to provide a pathway for independence for LPAs/master’s level psychologists.
RRC – Rules Review Commission (of North Carolina)
The executive agency created by the General Assembly charged with reviewing and approving rules adopted by state agencies as it relates to proposed rules’ legality.

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