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We are delighted to report some good news during these difficult times. The NC Psychology Board has modified the proposed rule changes regarding supervision and submitted the proposals to the Rules Review Commission (RRC). The RRC accepted the changes without issue or any further recommendations. There were no objections submitted by anyone or any organization.


An EPPP score of less than 500

After 3 years - one hours of supervision per month

After 5 years - one hour of supervision per quarter (3 months)

An EPPP score of 500 or more

After 3 years - one hour of supervision per quarter (3 months)

The other criteria regarding performance ratings, supervisor recommendation, and the most recent calendar year of supervisory status have not changed.

The NC Psychology Board has previously suggested an effective date of January 2021, however we do not have confirmation of that date as of yet. We are pleased that the NC Psychology Board recognizes that LPA supervision past 3 years is not necessary, and based on evidence, counterproductive in serving the citizens of North Carolina. We are also encouraged that the NC Psychology Board openly supports the position that career-long supervision of LPAs should end.
We are not going to stop at this most recent success and will continue our efforts to end career-long supervision. Your continued support will help us meet this goal. Please become an NCAPP member and donate to this effort or send your contribution via mail. Also, we are planning some new benefits for NCAPP members – details to follow soon in member emails and on the website.

The Carolina Journal has published an article about the regulations that interfere with access to mental health care in NC - which includes the negative impact of career-long supervision of LPAs. Click this link to go to the online edition.
FYI/PSA The American Psychological Association has released ​their "Report of the BEA Task Force to Develop a Blueprint for APA Accreditation of Master's Programs in Health Service Psychology."  The 22-page report is here.​

NCAPP was represented by Tara Luellen MA, LPA, at the Triangle Business Journal Health Care Series, presented by BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina.  Discussions included values based healthcare moving forward and an emphasis on quality healthcare (vs quantity), moving away from a fee for service model. This move would involve that providers assume some of the risk and the offering of quality services through compensation consideration of good patient outcomes. Tara connected with a representative from Carolina Partners in Mental Health and will have more information following an upcoming planned meeting. Thank you Tara for representing NCAPP and NC LPA practioners.


We met with the NCBP and the meeting went wonderfully! The Board was quite generous with kind words, and several members offered their support to ending career-long supervision. Our legal team did a marvelous job preparing this petition and coordinating this meeting. This effort will benefit all LPAs in NC as well as the citizenry of NC through increased availability to mental health services.

We have video of the meeting today. (link below)

Thank you to all the people who came to the meeting today and supported this effort. We must continue to work together to see this through.

PLEASE help by providing a donation toward the costs of the petition and consider becoming a member of NCAPP. We still have a good deal of work to do.

Thank you all!

Photo following the NCPB meeting - the legal team and the petitioners

Flora Dunbar, Tara Luellen, Ed Gaskins, Janet Heuring-Larsen, Katie King, Carol Williams, and Vinston Goldman

Videos of the meeting with the NCPB on 11-15-18

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