NC Psychology Board Proposed Rules Changes

Upcoming hearing on proposed rule change to end LPA career-long supervision

To follow are the North Carolina's Psychology Board's projected steps over the next 60 days for moving forward with the rules changes for LPA independence. Thank you for everyone's dedication and hard work.

Supporters - Please draft your letter of support to the North Carolina Psychology Board as soon as possible.

Your support letter MUST specifically reference: “proposed rule change under 21 NCAC 54.2008”.

  • Written, mailed comments on the proposed rule change must be submitted no later than November 4, 2019

Rule change support letters may be mailed to:

Daniel Collins, NC Psychology Board

895 State Farm Road, Suite 101

Boone, NC 28607

Emailed rule change support letters may be emailed to:

  • If sending by email, please attach your letter in pdf format
  • CC or send NCAPP a copy of your letter of support for our records (


The written (mail or email) comment period to the NC Psychology Board is from

September 4, 2019 to November 4, 2019

The in-person comment period will be in Greensboro, NC, on the morning of September 27, 2019.

  • All attendees to the in-person public comment period must be prepared to provide a verbal statement.
  • The purpose of the comment period is to provide comments (there is no accommodation for listeners, spectators, and/or an audience).
  • Your statement does not need to be long, but please focus on providing something helpful that promotes LPA independence and/or a hardship you have personally endured as a direct result of the restriction career-long supervision places on LPAs.

There is still a significant need of more funds and we ask that you to send more donations and encourage others to do so and/or help with fundraising efforts. Individuals can join NCAPP, renew their membership, and/or make donations here:

Please feel free to invite your trusted supervisors and LPs, LPAs, and others to participate in submitting a letter. There is power in numbers, and LPAs have never been this close to having parity with other Master’s level practitioners in the field of mental health. This is a true victory for not only LPAs but also the citizenry of NC.

Most Respectfully,

NCAPP & the Petitioners

Link to the full (65 page) proposed rules changes as published by the NCPB: NCPB PROPOSED RULES CHANGES


P.O. Box 416

Butner, NC 27509



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