LPA progress for 2020

Dear colleagues and supporters,
2020 holds great promise for new opportunities for LPAs in NC, as well as improved access to mental healthcare for all citizens in our state. We made tremendous progress in 2019, appealing to the North Carolina Psychology Board that the archaic rules requiring LPAs to be supervised for the duration of their careers should be changed, and they proposed new rules in late 2019 as a result.
We expect that the NC Rules Review Commission (RRC) will take up the North Carolina Psychology Board’s proposed rules changes very soon (possibly as early as February) – which includes the change to LPA supervision requirements. Look for an email from NCAPP that will provide details regarding that meeting. We would love to count on your physical presence and support at that meeting or would encourage you to write a letter/email of support if you cannot attend.
While progress has been made, the fight is not over. Please support NCAPP by becoming a member of NCAPP at https://ncapp.org/ . Donations in addition to membership dues can also be made on the NCAPP website (https://ncapp.org/) , through the Cash app ($ncapp3), directly to PayPal (http://paypal.me/ncapp3), or by mail at the address below.
ALL donations and membership dues will be contributed to the legal expense fund associated with ending career-long supervision of LPAs.
For your convenience, we have compiled the following list of some of the organizations and parties that are most frequently referenced as a part of this action:
NCAPP – North Carolina Association of Professional Psychologists

Non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the profession of psychology and to improving the provision of psychological services to the public. NCAPP advocates for ALL psychologists and the mental health and wellness of all North Carolina citizens.NCAPP fully supports the petitioners and the effort to end career-long supervision.

Petitioners – a group of 4 LPAs and 2 LPs who worked with the legal team of Everett Gaskins Hancock LLP, to draft a legal petition to change the rule requiring career-long supervision of LPAs. The petition is a legally binding document that was submitted to the NCPB and filed with the NC Courts.

NCPB – North Carolina Psychology Board

The state agency charged with carrying out the provisions of the NC Psychology Practice Act.The NCPB is fully supportive of ending career-long supervision of LPAs and has proposed new rules.

NCPA – North Carolina Psychological Association

According to the NCPA website, a professional organization designed to serve the interests of psychologists in North Carolina; however, this organization does NOT support the proposed rule changes regarding supervision and an unrestricted license for LPAs. Further, the NCPA declared that “Master’s level graduates are not foundationally educated to practice without supervision.” It would be not be easy to identify evidence that the NCPA advocates for LPAs in any tangible way.

APA – American Psychological Association

According to the APA website, the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology. The APA does NOT support the rule changes regarding supervision and an unrestricted license for LPAs and does NOT respect the NCPB’s authority to make such a rule change.
We are looking forward to the opportunities that await us in 2020, and we hope that you will join us in the effort to end career-long supervision of LPAs. Look for fundraising events coming soon!
Best regards, and Happy New Year!

P.O. Box 416, Butner, NC 27509
Https://ncapp.org Cash App: $ncapp3 PayPal http://paypal.me/ncapp3

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    1. Yes! We very much believe that this will happen. We’ve made great progress and new great connections. Thank you for your support

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