Greetings colleagues,

We have been working behind the scenes, to advocating for LPAs, continuing the effort to end career long supervision, and putting together events for CE units and fellowship.

We are planning an informal “meet and greet” for LPAs in several locations around North Carolina with the tentative date set for October 23, 2021. These will be outdoor events. More information will follow when we solidify locations and special surprises!

We are finalizing plans for a CEU (ethics), coordinated by Liandra Wheeler, Laura Quinn, and Dr. Muhammad titled Cultural Competence, Ethical Issues in Supervision, and Addressing Cultural Trauma in Treatment. We are anticipating a presentation date of 11/6/2021 and we will provide more details as we firm up the event specifics.

We have also continued working toward ending career long supervision which has involved coordinating efforts with the NC Psychology Board and other organizations, as well as contact with influential legislators and stakeholders.

Please mark your calendars for October 23 and November 06, 2021

and join us in support of these efforts.

The funding generated will go directly to the costs of ending career long supervision and we need your support. Your NCAPP membership fees also go directly to this cause. Your donations help LPAs and citizens across North Carolina as we work to improve access to psychological services.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,


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